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Our monthly Biznology® Webinar yesterday was called “How to Use Google+ for Business” with Chris Abraham.   Chris talked for 30 minutes about how to set up your Google+ personal and business accounts.  Are you interested in using Google+ for your company, but don’t know where to start?  Have you heard that Google has integrated G+ into its organic search results and want to explore the SEO benefits of G+ for your business?  Are you curious about Google+ Brand Pages for your organization but don’t know how to start?  Do you already have a presence on Twitter and Facebook and want to know whether to allocate precious resources to another social media platform?  Have you seen G+ on the Internet and are +1-curious and want to learn how to integrate your brand with G+ and Google?In this Webinar, you’ll find out how to:

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  • Set up your G+ personal account and profile, the basis for inclusion on the G+ for business community
  • Set up your G+ Brand Page to best promote your brand and attract customers
  • Create and share content with the goal of engaging current customers as well as prospective customers and partners
  • Use G+ Circles and Hangout as a way of targeting and engaging with your followers
  • Set up your privacy on your personal G+ to optimized search engine indexing for maximum SEO impact

In this free 30-minute Biznology® Webinar, Chris Abraham explains how to set up Google+, from your personal G+ profile to your corporate Brand Page. He shows you how to open up your page for maximum SEO benefit and share ways to attract followers and keep them interested. Chris also explores ways of engaging your followers so that they become both brand ambassadors and customers.


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  1. Thanks this was very helpful as we sell vacuum parts, vacuum cleaner, vacuum bags & allergy products online, but we are trying to build our social media side. This will help a lot! Thanks again!

  2. Excellent article about how to use Google+ for a business because Google+ is a big social media platform as like facebook and twitter. A lot of peoples are connected across the globe via Google+. its really a great method to drive attention on a brand. Thank you for sharing

  3. This G+ is really a big help to everyone specially to those who have an online businesses. As for now, I’m using G+ and it’s so easily to use and if you have online business, you must have this for customer’s will easily find you through this G+.

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