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I have fallen woefully behind in my communications with extended family, friends and professional colleagues since returning to work in a full-time position. It seems, I don’t have a moment to spare, to reach out to connect with my social network. Whatever the manner to stay in touch, whether face-to-face for coffee or lunch, talking on a land-line or Skype, texting with a cell phone, sending messages with e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook, answering questions through LinkedIn, sharing Google docs, IM’ing on an iPad, or shouting over the backyard fence, yodeling, sending smoke signals or any other methods there may be to communicate, I have not been using them.

That’s how much I have failed to communicate.
So much so that when a long-time friend sent me one of those sappy e-mails about friendship and how much your life matters—it was called, The Butterfly Effect…How Your Life Matters—for a moment there, I think I actually teared up while reading it.
I must have been thinking about how I am so self-absorbed with my own needs, wanting a time to relax, to read the paper or a book, to watch a favorite taped television program, time to prepare and enjoy meals with my family, or some extra sleep. How could I live a life of purpose when I am so self-absorbed while others have been trying to reach me?
The e-mail went on, “With a little perspective you too can live a life of permanent purpose. …When you know that everything matters—that every move counts as much as any other…Your productivity and financial success will soar to new heights…”
I couldn’t agree more. So excuse me while I go join my family for a glass of wine while we talk and sit outside under the starry night on the first beautiful evening of summer 2010.
To partially quote the butterfly effect e-mail, “with a little perspective you too can live a life of permanent purpose. …when you know (what really) matters!” I’ll connect with my social network another time. Tonight, social networking starts at home.

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  1. Thanks for posting this serve as a reminder for us sometimes. That we need to have a break also enjoying our time together with friends especially family. Will ease stress too.

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