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Lori Weiman

Lori Weiman is CEO & Co-Founder of The Search Monitor.  The Search Monitor provides marketing intelligence to SEM, SEO, and Affiliate Marketers.  The Search Monitor is Lori’s 5th entrepreneurial venture or 7th if you count selling t-shirts and cornering the market on room fans in college.

Lori went to law school but quickly realized that she preferred to build things instead of watch others do it.   This should have been obvious because as a kid, she was frequently in trouble for taking household appliances apart, and then trying to cobble them back together as something completely different.  Many destroyed radios, and old TVs later, she got a lucky break and was recruited by Time Warner Cable as a young executive to join the team developing new cable services like video-on-demand, VOIP, and broadband internet.

After TimeWarner, Lori worked with other Internet-related ventures, such as and Keywordmax (which was sold to Digital River), and assisted the search industry in tackling click fraud. Lori leveraged that experience to start The Search Monitor in 2007 with her business partner, Shaun Martinec.

Lori is a frequent speaker at conferences such as SES, SMX, Search Insider Summit, and Affiliate Summit.   She attended Emory University in Atlanta where she earned a business degree in finance.  If she was all alone with nothing to do, she would snowboard all day and then complain about the cold afterwards because she hates winter.