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How can companies anticipate the impact of employee satisfaction – before it hurts, and before it detracts from a brand’s experience?

An “inside-out” approach: Employee engagement as a predictor of brand experience

In a world where a single negative experience can be shared by customers at the speed of social, brands must go beyond collecting feedback internally and externally from customers. In order to retain and build their brand equity, data-driven brands must actively manage their diverse feedback channels.

In my recent conversation with Ryan Smith, CEO of Qualtrics, he noted that brands want to align employee and customer feedback mechanisms, so that they can prevent poor employee engagement from impacting the customers’ experience with their brand.

In the future, my bet is that companies such as Qualtrics will help brands develop an integrated approach to synchronize employee and customer survey feedback, and gain rich insights that include:

  • understanding early warning signs, such as the impact of poor employee engagement on churn and customer satisfaction
  • determining employee attributes that drive the most satisfied and profitable customer engagements

A disciplined approach: Connecting the dots between employee engagement and brand experience

Brands are inundated with research and survey data, ranging from Customer Experience, NPS, customer satisfaction, employee feedback, and brand health data from social media and third party providers. Typically, this research data is managed by different groups, and sits in disparate sources. In order to connect the dots between employee engagement and a customer’s experience with the brand, a disciplined approach is required that fosters enterprise collaboration and sharing of research across silos. In the future, the most agile brands will align internal employee and external customer feedback effectively to respond more proactively with real-time data-driven tools, such as Qualtrics. These brands will be able to prove the benefit of linking data on employee engagement and customer experience to ultimate business outcomes, such as retention and profitability.


Data-Driven NYC meeting with Ryan Smith – Qualtrics –

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