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What would you think if you received the email above? (I used white out on the email address and phone number to protect identities, but the rest of the email is exactly as it was received.) But back to the question. What would you do if you got that email? Would you believe that email was actually from Verizon Wireless? Or would you think it was a fake?

Phishing is a real danger. People are victimized every day. It’s not hard to get someone’s email address or even their phone number. And clearly, it isn’t a stretch to guess their wireless company. Would you believe that email if you received it?

As it turns out, that email was legitimate.

Why are they sending out simple unformatted emails with no logos and links to log into their site? I can only imagine that they just aren’t thinking about phishing attacks.

I understand that. Marketers are thinking about marketing. Customer service people are thinking about customer service. Security people are thinking about security.

That has to change. Phishers survive and victimize the public because there are too many emails like this one being sent. We must all take this threat seriously for the benefit of our customers. If we all would stop sending emails that ask people to click the link to log in, then all of the emails of that type would be from phishers, and we could tell people with a straight face never to click on them. But as long as companies continue to send out legitimate emails that look exactly the same as phishing attempts, people are going to be understandably confused.

Are you still sending out these kinds of emails?

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Mike Moran has a unique blend of marketing and technology skills that he applies to raise return on investment for large marketing programs. Mike is a former IBM Distinguished Engineer and a senior strategist at Converseon, Revealed Context, and SoloSegment. Mike is the author of three books on digital marketing, an instructor at Rutgers Business School and a Senior Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research. He is also a Certified Speaking Professional.

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